ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, Thursday, announced setting up of the National Oversight Disaster Management Council, comprising people of impeccable character to ensure transparency and distribution of aid for flood affected people. Chairing a meeting of National Disaster Management Commission, attended by the four Chief Ministers, CJCSC, the Services Chiefs, federal and provincial ministers, Gilani said the council would immediately come into effect and he would personally monitor the transparent system. These respectable members of the council would ensure that the funds are distributed and utilised in a transparent manner and spent judiciously as per the requirements, without any discrimination to any area or province. Premiere Gilani said. He said the National Oversight Disaster Management Council (NODMC) would come into effect immediately and its members and other details would be announced shortly, through consensus between federal and provincial governments. Our government is fully committed to ensuring transparency and accountability. No one should contemplate depriving the suffering millions of what is due to them. He said the actions of the government would be open to public scrutiny. Each penny that is collected in this rebuilding effort, will be spent most transparently and equitably. He said the federal and provincial authorities would work out modalities of efficient utilisation of funds through the NODMC. The challenge we face is unprecedented and requires vision and commitment of an extraordinary nature. The meeting was convened to take stock of the relief and rescue operations and to come to grip with the worst tragedy the country has faced, reviewed the overall situation in the country and the rescue, relief and rehabilitation measures being taken. He said the political leadership was united and fully aware of the depth of its responsibility. He said the scale of the disaster was so large that it required joint efforts by the whole nation, the provinces and the federal government. Prime Minister Gilani said the unprecedented floods were beyond human imagination and affected over 14 million people in 132,000 sq kms, one million houses and 2.6 million acres of agriculture land in 71 districts. It is feared that 3.5 million children in flood stricken areas risk falling sick from water borne diseases, Gilani said. He mentioned his visit to many of the affected areas to witness the scale of tragedy and sufferings of the people. He said losses to communication infrastructure, irrigation system, livestock were beyond estimation. The scale of the challenge is enormous and we shall have to rebuild almost everything anew. The cost of rebuilding may reach billions of dollars, Gilani said. He pointed that the tragic part of the distaste was that it struck the poorest and the militancy affected areas and has wiped out livelihoods of millions. Gilani said the crisis was too big to be handled by conventional means and the government was mobilising the NGOs, volunteers and relief organisations. He said the government through the armed forces was helping the civil administration in distributing relief goods. He said relief hubs had been established to ensure better coordination, smooth handling and judicious distribution of goods. Prime Minister Gilani said the governments response was not merely limited to rescue and relief, but it was committed to long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction of the infrastructure. In this regard work on Damage and Need-Assessment and registration of the affected people had already started. Prime Minister Gilani in particular mentioned the role of the countrys armed forces. I salute the Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force, which have risen to the challenge once again. They have won the hearts and minds of the people with courage, determination and professionalism. The Prime Minister recalled the flash appeal by UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon and hoped it would pre-empt a bigger human catastrophe with the mobilisation of the international community. We will launch a massive national effort and build Pakistan brick by brick. We will ensure that the affectees and their children go back to their homes with complete security and have full access to health, education facilities and other services.