LAHORE - With road and rail links already in doldrums, Pakistans air links are threatened by an unnecessary new row that has erupted between PIA management and the pilots, despite an agreement reached under the auspices of Ministry of Defense on 6 August. Within last couple of days several domestic and international flights were delayed or cancelled due to the confrontation developed between both the parties. These individuals seem to be not bothered that Pakistan and its unfortunate people are facing a severe natural disaster including cutting of roads and rail links. Personal egos and pilot politics seem to have prevailed upon the PIA management to go to courts, a move which depicts lack of professionalism on the both sides. It merits mentioning here that already rail and road links are suspended in the most parts of the country and delay and cancellation of the flights would double the problems of the passengers. Poor passengers who pay taxes and revenues to PIA and government are caught in between and there seems to be no end in this endless recurring cycle of flight disruptions in PIA. On August 6, normal schedules were restored after three weeks of disruption following the go-slow by pilots. On 16 August PK-702 operated by Boeing 777, registration AP-BHW had to abort its take off at Manchester because of a Landing Gear Warning. PIA flight schedules already disrupted due technical delays. The new problem occurred when PIA after having a series of meetings held on August 2, to 6th August at Islamabad in the Ministry of Defense, signed an agreement, but filed a suit for injunction and damages against PALPLA in Sindh High Court on the same day, through its GM Legal, in spite of having signed an agreement. As a consequence the PALPA issue a flash signed by its Gen Secretary Capt Rabbani on August 14, informing the pilots of the new instigation with calls to work strictly in accordance with book. On August 17 an international flight from Lahore PK-751 bound for Oslo-Copenhagen was cancelled, while PK-733 from Lahore for Paris and Milan was delayed for over 24 hours because of pilot scheduling and rest requirements. On 18 Aug 4 domestic flights namely PK-365, PK-328, PK-328 and PK-396 were delayed because of pilot rest requirements, while another flight PK-369 was delayed for technical defects. On the same date, 5 international flights PK-737, PK-211, PK-738, PK-7789, PK-738 and PK-215 were delayed for cockpit crew rest requirements. Till the filing of this report PIA had cancelled PK-368 from Karachi to Islamabad while 9 other flights were delayed for crew requirements and two flights for technical defects. The delayed flights on Thursday were PK-238, PK-730, PK-230, PK-216, PK-360, PK-7345 (Umra Flight), PK-397, PK-385, PK-389, PK-7346 and PK-7350.