LAHORE (PR) - Seven trucks full of clothing, shoes, mineral water medicines and eatables etc. were dispatched by Naim-un-Naseer Welfare Trust to flood affected areas. At this occasion, management of the Trust namely Hamid Javed Mian, Asim Javed, Saleem Sheikh, Shoaib Ashar and Amjad Hanif were also present. In a detailed discussion Asim Javed Vice Chairman of the Trust, told that two trucks of mineral water bottles, and 5 other trucks of clothing, medicines, crockery and shoes etc. have been arranged by Naim-un-Naseer Trust. He further told that Trust had already dispatched a couple of trucks to Southern Punjab last week. Likewise the Trust is also active in Peshawar, Swat and Gilgit areas. Naim-un-Naseer Welfare Trust played a significant role in the rehabilitation and relief activities.