LAHORE An 18-year-old flood victim died in the City early Thursday after she was rushed to a local hospital in serious condition. She had fallen victim to a waterborne disease (gastroenteritis) in the flood-hit Southern Punjab. Hospital sources revealed that the girl identified as Farzana, a resident of Muzaf-fargarh, the worst affected area by floodwaters in Southern Punjab, was suffering from gastroenteritis caused by drinking of poisonous water. The medical experts have already expressed grave concern over deteriorating health conditions in countrys flood-affected areas and warned of an increasing threat to life. More than 20 million people are living in relief camps or out in open without food, clean water or medical supplies. Reports of waterborne diseases including diarrhoea, gastroenteritis and skin diseases have been coming from the camps. Hospital officials said Ghulam Abbasm, a resident of Muzaffargarh, left his native town after devastating floods and arrived in the City along with his family to take shelter at the residence of his brother Bagrian Chowk, Warraich Street, Green Town area. The condition of his daughter got deteriorated while the family was traveling to Lahore. Soon after the family arrived at the house of Rub Nawaz, uncle of the girl, she was rushed to a nearby private hospital. Doctors said the girl was suffering from waterborne disease that broke out in the flood-hit region. The doctors provided her all possible medical assistance but she died in the hospital in the wee hours of Thursday. The deceased family told the police that the girl started vomiting after drinking poisonous water in the flood-hit area but they decided to shift her to the hospital after they would reach Lahore. As her condition got deteriorated on Wednesday night, she was rushed to the nearby hospital where she died later. The Green Town police handed over the body to the deceased family without autopsy. Further investigations were underway. Eyewitnesses said that mother of the deceased lost her mental balance soon after the ill-fated father brought her dead body back. A good number of local residents also gathered at the residence of Rub Nawaz to express grief and sorrow with the marooned family. Millions of people are stranded across Pakistan after the floods in living memories. Though the Punjab government had stepped up efforts to ensure medical supplies to the victims of floodwaters however hundred of thousands of people are yet to be reached out.