Dr A.H. Khayal The Quaid believed that India was predominantly inhabited by two nations: the Muslims and the Hindus. Of course, there were some other minorities. But they were insignificant. The Quaid firmly believed that the Muslims must have a part of India as their independent motherland. He struggled and struggled passionately for this purpose. Eventually, his struggle gave birth to Pakistan. Unfortunately, soon after the babys birth, the Quaid left the world forever. The baby was now an orphan. The Pakistani politicians adopted the baby. As the baby kept growing, the politicians kept misusing the baby for their own interests. Because of the misusing, the baby could not grow into a vigorously healthy creature. No wonder, Pakistans history is predominantly a history of social, economic and political diseases. In 1971, because of certain politicians horrific blunders, the Quaids Pakistan was axed into independent parts by India. If by chance, you happen to meet the Quaid in your dreams, please never tell him that his Pakistan has been cut into two. The news might cut his heart into two. In the undivided India, the Hindus were politically and economically very powerful. The Muslims were nonentities in both respects. No wonder, the Hindus exploited the Muslims. The Quaids mission was to rescue the Muslims from the exploitation. For this purpose, he created Pakistan. Unfortunately, destiny did not grant him time enough to strengthen the countrys foundations. After his departure, some powerful Pakistanis started exploiting the common Pakistanis. The Pakistani exploiters believed that the Hindus had no right to exploit the Muslims. Only the Muslims had the right to exploit their Muslim brethren. No wonder, the exploitation kept growing more and more vigorously. Today, the masses are more miserable than ever before. When the masses complain to the rulers of their misery, the rulers console them: Dont be impatient. Youll be richly rewarded for your sufferings on the Day of Judgement. That day you will be lodged in paradise where the most delicious fruits will be available to you in abundance for ever. The masses ask their comforters: But why dont you suffer like us. Why dont you make sacrifices like us so that you also could eat the fruits of paradise like us. Why do you keep eating the Pakistani fruits round the clock thus depriving yourselves of the fruits of paradise. Poor masses They just dont know that the rulers firmly believe that the fruits which they eat in Pakistan are far more delicious than the fruits of paradise. As the floods were massively killing the masses, America was not satisfied with the performance of the floods. In order to assist the floods, it decided to use the drones. One drone-attack destroyed two houses and all the residents. Another drone-attack destroyed three houses and all the residents. The floods must be grateful to America for Americas liberal assistance. The foreign donors prefer sending relief goods. They have reservations about sending dollars. Obviously, sending goods is an irksome affair as compared with sending money. But the donors have a cogent reason. They are sure that the goods wont tempt the Pakistani administrators. But dollars are every tempting. It is not easy to resist this temptation. It is to save our administrators from falling victim to the temptation that the donors prefer sending goods rather than cash. We must be grateful to the donors for saving us from becoming dollars-corrupt. As regards the use of the relief-aid, we have lost our credibility both at the national and the international levels. The politicians have become conscious of it. There is a rumour that a commission would be formed which wouldnt have even a single professional politician as its member. Only the commission would have the powers to distribute the relief goods and the relief money. Wouldnt the creation of such a commission be a public confession of the fact that our politicians are not trustworthy? One wonders Some Pakistanis have oce-anfuls of money. If they were to declare war on the floods, the floods would nervously flee the country. They can undo in a jiffy what the floods have done in weeks. But their indifference has forced us to beg for the victims internationally. When the floods were hitting us, landslides were hitting China. China did not beg internationally. It itself helped the needy. Instead of begging, China mourned the dead at the national level. We have yet towell forget about it. The writer is an academic.