The optimistic notion in Islamabad that we would be the next 'watchdog of Afghanistan after withdrawal of the Americans may well be misplaced but the Indians take the prospect seriously and are already in business there. The Indian moves could be a serious headache for Pakistan because Indias increasing influence in Afghanistan would create groundswells of disturbance on Pakistans western border. That means the deployment of Pakistan Army on our western borders, which happened for the first time in our history in the last few years of the war on terror, might be a permanent fixture. The Indians have gained footholds in Kabul; they were, after all, the first to move in for restoration of diplomatic ties after the US attack on Afghanistan in 2001. With every passing year, the Indian economic aid to Afghanistan has also increased with official exchange of delegations also continuing in an unbroken series. Indias assistance to Afghanistan includes a gift of 500 armoured vehicles for afghan military, building of Indira Gandhi Hospital in Kabul, numerous kinds of scholarships to Afghan students, infrastructural investments in roads, bridges and dams and aid in innumerable other fields. They also have the advantage of close prior relations with President Hamid Karzai. The fact that Karzais personal assistant is an Indian underscores the value of relationship. And he is not a solitary example; several other Indians are working in the Kabul administration in which Pakistanis are nowhere to be seen. Need of the hour is to tackle the increasing Indian influence in Afghanistan as it would lead to serious problems for Pakistan in near future. Our policymakers have to cope with the Indian challenge on western front. -MUHAMMAD DAIM FAZIL, Malikwal, August 16.