Pakistan stands at a pivotal point in our national history. The devastating catastrophe that began two weeks ago is likely to worsen for heavier rains are predicted in future as floods move southwards. According to the latest UNICEF report, more than 13 million people have been affected; 1.3 million are so severely impacted that they have completely lost their homes and sources of livelihood. More than 1,400 have died. The United Nations has issued a humanitarian flash appeal seeking $460 million dollars on which the US has already given $77 million. Pakistan has the bigger chunk of aid and the aim now is to utilize this in aid of flood victims with maximum, unprecedented transparency. It is important that all citizens of Pakistan express their compassion for children and families of the distressed through donations. We must unite and come forward for help urging transparency at all times in the aid being provided to flood victims. -AMNA ZAMAN, Lahore, August 16.