United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has termed the present floods in Pakistan as 'the worst disaster he has ever seen. Almost 20 million people have been directly or in directly affected by these floods and there are no signs of water receding anytime soon. Currently, Jacobabad and other adjoining areas of Sindh are anticipating massive floods and it is feared this city would be amongst the most affected of all. The international community is pouring in all the aid they can but experts believe the countries affected by the recent economic crisis have their own priorities and might not be as willing to help as they did in 2005 earthquake. The UN has appealed for $460 million for relief but so far only 20 % of this has been received. The UN has already shelled out a total of $27 million out of which $10 million was from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund. Canada has provided a total of $2 million routed through Canadian International Development Agency CIDA and ICRC. United States is leading the way having pledged a total of $70 million in aid followed by Britain which has pledged $32 million. Other major donations include $13 million from Germany, $10 million from Australia, $5 million from Kuwait, $3.5 million from Japan and $3.3 million from Norway. -ZAINAB ALI, Islamabad, August 16.