The Indian PM Manmohan Singh has invited Kashmiri leaders to come up with a consensus autonomy proposal 'within the Indian constitution. This invitation, like several other made in the past, is the same old offer repeated differently several times over. India did not respect the lease of autonomy under article 370 for the subjugated state. What is the assurance it will respect it now? Kashmiri leaders have already rejected the 'magnanimous invitation. So what next? Truth is, whether it is Mr Vajpayee, Mr Singh or any other Indian leader, they all begin from a presumption that Kashmir has to be an integral part of the Indian Union. On his New Years message on 31st of December 2002, Mr Vajpayee had also called on Pakistan to accept what Mr. Singh has reiterated now India will not accept any further partition of the country...I also do not have the mandate for allowing redrawing of boundaries. -DEEBA MALIK, Rawalpindi, August 16.