ISLAMABAD After seeing what he described as miles upon miles of devastation, the US Senator John Kerry on Thursday joined hands with President Asif Ali Zardari seeking swift aid for preventing militants from exploiting the unprecedented flood situation. We need to address that, all of us rapidly, to avoid their impatience boiling over or some people exploiting that impatience, President Zardari said while addressing a joint press conference with Kerry at Chaklala Airbase. The world is slowly and gradually realising that it is not a one-day job, it is not a one-country issue, it is a huge problem and it is a huge catastrophe, he added. I think the world is standing with us, he believed. None of us wants to see this crisis to provide an opportunity or an excuse for people who want to exploit the misfortune of others for political or ideological purposes, said Kerry, who heads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and co-authored a record 7.5-billion-dollar aid bill for Pakistan. It is important for all of us to work to provide the assistance that is necessary... I know that President Obama is determined to do that, he added. He is the first senior US policymaker, who visited Pakistan since the disaster struck affecting 20 million people. Kerry, who visited ravaged areas in Punjab, spoke of miles upon miles of destroyed homes, of people dislocated, of people in camps in great heat losing their possessions, growing frustrated, worried about the future. President Zardari said, We are giving them everything weve got. There is a possibility that some negative forces would exploit this situation, he said. I am sending an SOS on that. All this catastrophe gives strength to those forces that do not want a state structure, he added. We need your support, we need worlds support, but at the end of the day we are responsible, for each and every person who has lost his belongings, the President said while promising with the people who suffered in these floods to give them status which they deserve. The President appealed for patience. He added, We will make a new Pakistan as we have not lost hope and the damaged structures would be better after the reconstruction. The President said he even talked to the Russian President during his visit there yesterday for collection of direly needed funds. President Zardari thanked King of Saudi Arabia for his public appeal to generate funds for the flood-affected people of Pakistan. The President was confident that Pakistan would come out of crisis and become a strong country. To a question of credibility, the President said that Pakistan had a strong opposition and Leader of the Opposition is the chief of accountability as Chairman Public Account Committee exhibiting the best way in the democratic system. He said that there had been allegations against the Government but they were just malicious and baseless as always only to weaken the democracy. We will give ownership to individuals in the reconstruction of the damaged areas, to ensure transparency, he added. To a question about earthquake reconstruction, he said that more than 75 percent areas of Kashmir damaged in 2005 earthquake had been reconstructed. He said some other areas are under reconstruction and would be completed very soon. According to Senator Kerry, full measure of the international response will be determined in next few days, beginning with today with the special session of General Assembly of Untied Nations.