LAHORE – Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has still undecided over the nomination of Pakistan team’s bowling coach despite committee chairman’s announcement that coach will be named before the start of Australia series, it has been learnt.

Earlier, a cricket news regarding the appointment of pacer M Akram as the new bowling coach of the Pakistan team with a PCB official denying any such development even as the news appeared on a cricket website on Sunday. "We are surprised to see this news because until now a decision has not been made on the new bowling coach," the source said

He said the committee appointed to review prospective candidates for the bowling coach post had yet to finalise and shortlist probables for approval of the Chairman. But a Pakistan-based website claimed that the PCB has chosen Akram as the Pakistan bowling coach.

Earlier this week Pakistan's former fast bowler, Shoaib Akhtar also said he was interested in becoming the national team coach if the board spoke to him about it.

But a member of the committee entrusted with the responsibility to recommend candidates ruled out Akhtar insisting he was not qualified for the post.

 "Our two basic requirements are that the candidate must be a level three coach and secondly have five years of coaching internationally and Shoaib does not meet both these requirements," he said.