KARACHI – Despite the meager law and order situation in the City, the citizens visited shops and outlets of confectioners on Eidul Fitr to buy bakery items and cakes especially to make the holy festivity more memorable.

The confectioners have become busier before the Eid days, while the sale and purchase of cakes and traditional sweets is on the rise, as cakes and sweets are exchanged among the dear ones as a symbol of love and brotherhood.

The business of confectioners although always brisk multiplies many times more during the holy month, with sales of cakes on the night the crescent of Shawwal appears on the horizon heralding the great feast of Eidul Fitr.

The confectionary sector and sweat merchants also do roaring business during Eid. The fast food giants and restaurants cut their share of the pie as people take friends and families out for treats.

People eat rich to celebrate the festival so confectioners present a large variety of sweets to attract the customers. Especially the non and famous vendors offer the most public interested items like Dahhka Chamcam, Patisa, Gulabjman, Barfi, Amarti, Burfi, Qalaqand, Baloshahi, Rasmalie and many other which sales start from Rs400 to Rs600.

On the other side, the special items including Halwa Akhroat, Badam, Kajo and Gond also the demanded item of the festival and its rates per kilogram starts from Rs700 to Rs900.

Confectioners make special arrangements to accommodate the Eid rush. Their share in the total Eid economy might not be significant but big enough to mobilise the sector.

The major items which they specially prepare for the greatest and sweetest festival of Eid including Chaiwara, Ghatihya, Dalmot, Fried Moong Phali, Daalsave, Boondi,  Samosay, Dahi Barey, Kabab rolls, Finger Fries, Daal Chana, Mix Nimko, Namak Paray and Hakar Paray.

The growing awareness for quality and style and the purchasing power of consumers has intensified the competition for the money being spent on Eid, forcing the suppliers to bring innovation and invest heavily on marketing for an edge over their competitors.

However, the hike in demand surpassed the expectations of suppliers of popular items in the current season. After disposing off the fresh Eid stocks many businesses hope to get a chance this year to clear their stores of old inventories.