ADEN (AFP) - A suspected Qaeda suicide bomber blew himself up early Sunday in Yemen killing the commander of a local pro-army militia and wounding six people, a government official told AFP. Two children were among the wounded in the town of Mudiya in the restive southern province of Abyan, the official said. “A Qaeda suicide bomber managed to enter a home used as a base by the Popular Resistance Committees and activated an explosives belt killing the local commander Nasser Ali Mansur and wounding six,” he said. The committees have recently become a target for Qaeda militants who were forced to flee Abyan in June following battles led by the army, with the local militiamen backing them up.

A doctor in Aden told AFP he had helped evacuate three of the wounded from an hospital in the Abyan city of Loden to a bigger facility in Aden “because they are in critical condition.” The attack came hours after suspected Al-Qaeda militants killed 19 soldiers in a rocket attack and suicide bombing on Saturday that targeted intelligence headquarters in Aden, the main southern city in Yemen. Al-Qaeda militants remain active in southern Yemen, where separatist militants also attack security forces, pressing their demands for renewed independence for the south. South Yemen was a separate state before unification with the north in 1990.