KARACHI – The citizens have censured the decision of the provincial government to impose ban on pillion riding in the city for three days, and said that the ban on pillion riding will financially beneficial for police personnel instead giving protection to the citizens.

They said that the government decision is nothing but to annoy people on the Eid days, while police personnel will be misusing this government pronouncement by taking bribe.    

It is pertinent to mention here that the provincial interior ministry has imposed this ban in the city for three days to get normalcy in the metropolis, where hundreds of citizens have been killed in the month of Ramazan merely due to poor law and order situation. More than dozens people have been killed only in the last two days of the Ramazan, while dozens of citizens are injured.  The citizens are of the view that the government’s decision is tantamount to diminish the celebrations of the religious festival of Eidul Fitr.

This shows that our police and other law-enforcement agencies have completely failed, and seems helpless in front of terrorists.

As per the notification, issued by the home department, the ban has been enforced from Saturday midnight.