KARACHI – Eid shopping becomes a craze in the provincial capital which gained momentum in all the major and minor shopping centers and malls.

To highlight this mood of festivity, all the major shopping areas such as Tariq Road, Gulf Shopping Area, Park Tower, Zamzama, Saddar, Haidery Market and hundreds of shopping points of the city were seen decorated with beautiful lights.

“I have purchased two designer outfits with traditional embroidery and now I am looking for a sandal,” said Saima Kanwal while talking to TheNation in Gulf Market.  Sarfraz who was buying traditional suits from Bohry Bazaar, Saddar said, “Eid comes only twice a year, so I don’t compromise on shopping and I celebrate the festival with zeal and fervour.” A buyer Ahtasham Khalid said he always preferred shopping on Chand Raat because there is usually more variety and it’s fun to bargain with the shopkeepers.

However, not everyone seemed to be much excited. Some of the customers complained of high prices compared to previous years, which kept them away from the stores.

“Every year the prices keep skyrocketing and it becomes difficult for us to shop for Eid. My children insisted to come here and I am helpless in front of them,” said M.Afaq who was with his family Tariq Road.

“Until a few years back I would purchase stuff for my entire family and would still have money for more shopping but with the prices nowadays its just not possible,”, he added.