SHE has rocked countless kooky outfits and trends in her time. But Lady Gaga's latest accessory is ironically probably her most conventional yet.

For the past two days, the 26-year-old singer has not been seen without her new fuzzy friend Fozzi by her side.

Today Gaga once again had her pooch cradled in her arms as she ventured out in Vienna, Austria.

Gaga left her hotel wearing a pair of tiny denim shorts paired with over-the-knee black socks and crazy platform shoes. For her top half, Gaga slipped on a Megadeath T-shirt and black fedora hat. With throngs of fans waiting to get the singer's autograph, Gaga played a trick on her little monsters.                   –(TS)

Before she emerged from her hotel, she sent out a decoy in the form of her make-up artist.

However, the blonde woman dressed in familiar Gaga garb was hardly convincing and failed to fool the fans.

Gaga has been cutting a rather bewitching figure out in Austria. Yesterday, wearing her wide witchy hat and dark glasses, she once again clutched Fozzi to her chest before putting the frazzled pup down and signing autographs.

The young dog looked a little disturbed at his owner's choice of outfit and long talons, although the singer's smile was enough to make up for his blank face.

The dog has been the least of the different accessories, as earlier this week she really raised the steaks with a bizarre meat corset.

Taking to the stage in Piata Constitutiei Square in Romania the night before, the singer showed off her voluptuous figure in a skimpy thong style corset, which appeared to be fashioned out of meat. TS