ISLAMABAD - Islamabad Serena Hotel hosted an Iftar/dinner at SOS Children’s Village of Pakistan, Rawalpindi, for the children and staff of SOS Village on Friday. Associates from various departments of Islamabad Serena Hotel spent hours with the SOS children. An array of delicious feasts and tasteful décor was presented with hospitality standards, with the Serena staff making sure that each child is looked after in the utmost care. This Iftar/dinner experience was yet another unforgettable for the community and the hotel staff.

It is a Serena tradition to host an Iftar/dinner with the SOS Village on a yearly basis. In addition to the festive activity, the hotel has always been an active partner of the SOS and has regularly been working for the welfare and rehabilitation of the children at SOS in every means possible.  “I am delighted to spend time and share an Iftar/dinner with the SOS community. The children are remarkably joyful and confident individuals.

I want to commend Chairman Mrs Nasim Muzzafar and the rest of her team for the dedication they’ve put into this village and the wellbeing of children. We’ve been part of this community over the past years, Serena Hotel is proud to support this cause and will remain to do so in the years to come,” said Michel A. Galopin, General Manager of Islamabad Serena Hotel.

The General Manager also talked about the hotels’ project which is improving lives of the children by providing them technical schooling of their choices. With the help of its professional workforce, the children will also be educated about the hotelier business for potential opportunities.