The Lahore Chamber of Commerce comprising industrialists and businessmen subjected to over 20-hours long blackouts has been raising furore from time to time that if Kalabagh Dam is not built, the economy would collapse. They are not wrong when they warn that the country would otherwise suffer from dire poverty and hunger. There is hardly any sphere of life and business that has not been crippled by the energy crisis which is even having an adverse effect on our status as a sovereign state, since in the absence of revenue we have to turn to the international donors. On the other hand, the chaos resulting from lack of water has hit the irrigation system hard; the overall impact on the agrarian economy has been severe to say the least. The heavy reliance on IPPs and the costly thermal energy invariably create a debt of staggering proportions which a country like ours cannot bear in the long run. Compare this with the unbelievably low rates of electricity that Kalabagh Dam can provide. Besides, in view of the hydroelectric capacity of Tarbela and Mangla dam going down considerably owing to silting process, Kalabagh is the only right option. The reservoir will usher in a new era of prosperity.