PESHAWAR - A man has appealed to CJ of PHC to take notice of the alleged illegal detention of his 10-year-old brother by the local police.

Speaking at a news conference at Press Club on Thursday, Inamullah Afridi of Behram Kali, Risalpur, said that his younger brother Abid Hussain was taken away by Islam Sherin, owner of Kashmir Marbal, along with him on a pretext that Rs .5m was a liability on him.

He then met local police and detained his brother at the Risalpur Police Station in habeas corpus and demanding Rs 2 million for his release.

Flanked by his mother, Inam also said that the concerned police also took away my brother in the bright daylight from his home and also took valuables, and net cash along-with them. The concerned police now expressing their ignorance about my brother, he maintained. He also alleged that police also threatening us of dire consequences.  

The elderly mother demanded of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government and Inspector General of Police to help them in release of his son and get them back their net cash and valuables.