NEW DELHI - Pakistan on Sunday rejected the Indian stand on the doctored MMS that triggered exodus of Northeast Indians from Bangalore, saying Indian Home Secretary RK Singh’s statement is highly irresponsible, reported Indian media.

Indian Home Secretary RK Singh on Saturday said that most of the rumours that led to the exodus came from Pakistan.

Islamabad has slammed the way India failed to use diplomatic channels to share the information and said that everything wrong that happened in India could not be blamed to Pakistan. “Everything happening in India is Pakistan sponsored is irresponsible statement. Strange to see Indian Home Secretary announcing their investigations in the middle of night,” sources said quoting Pakistan officials.

Pakistan said that India should have used the diplomatic channels before making such statements. “India should share their findings. We will definitely help but announcing something in the middle of night is highly irresponsible,” it said.

The Indian Home Secretary further said that the images of an incident which happened in Myanmar three and a half months back were circulated in Bangalore from across the border to incite people.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister of Indian state of Assam Tarun Gogoi has said that a probe will be instituted to find out facts regarding alleged involvement of foreign hands in the recent violence.

“From the beginning I have stated that some foreign hands are involved. It is not merely a clash between Bodos and minorities. The Indian Home ministry report that Pakistani elements were involved has vindicated our stand,” Gogoi said.

“We will institute a probe to find out details regarding the involvement of foreign elements in the violence,” he added.