RAWALPINDI  – Police in its ongoing drive against anti-social elements have arrested 11 accused for allegedly carrying illegal weapons, drugs and liquor from different localities.

The police recovered 2240 grams charras, 27 bottles of liquor, six 30-bore pistols with 20 rounds and one dagger from the possession of Ghulam Murtaza, Yousaf, Fareed, Muzamil, Zeeshan, Imran, Zahid, Usman, Saeed, Fazal, Umar and Murtaza. Mandra police sent behind the bars an accused namely Muzamil on recovery of 24 bottles of liquor while Cantt police held Zeeshan with three bottles of liquor.

Meanwhile, the web site of Rawalpindi educational board is causing severe problems due to frequent jamming.

The problem occurring amid the process of registration of supplementary matriculation exams is said to be causing consternation among students and parents alike on Fridays and Saturdays, when all head to submit their applications for registration in exams. Various excuses are given which include problems in uploading data, frequent black-outs and opening of website.