Three women and two minor girls were raped in separate incidents while a woman was killed and a youth committed suicide over domestic disputes due to poverty here on Tuesday.

In Muhallah Islampura of Ahmadpur East, Ejaz Ahmad’s daughter Shehla, 5, was playing outside her house. Accused Dil Muhammad Nadeem approached her and offered her a candy and took her to an abandoned house where he raped her and left her in front of her house in critical condition. The aggrieved family shifted her to a hospital where she was recovering while the doctors have confirmed that she was raped. Police Station City registered the case on the complaint of Ejaz Ahmad and arrested the accused.

In Channi Ghot police area of Moza Taliwali, five-year-old Aleesha was raped and dumped near her house by accused Sadiq from where her family took her to a hospital where her condition was out of danger. The police have arrested the accused

In Chak 12/BC of Bahawalpur, Yousaf Masih’s daughter Maria, 13, was abducted by her cousin Imran Masih when she was playing outside her house. She was raped and dropped in front of her house.

In Hasilpur, Zubaida was abducted by Muhammad Baksh along with his accomplices. Another woman named Kulsoom Akhtar of Kanjoo Colony was abducted by accused Inam, Khalid and one unknown person and gang raped. These women were taken to the hospital where they were being treated. In Dera Nawab Sahb police area of Ahmadpur East, Riaz’s wife Rubina was abducted and raped by accused Aamir and Siraj.

In a “murder” incident, a man killed his wife over domestic dispute; Police arrested him and registered a case against him.

In Sama Satta of Bahawalpur, Iqbal Jhabeel’s 25-year-old daughter Naseem was married year ago to Siraj Ahmad, a resident of Basti Gujja, Moza Sahlan. Naseem and Siraj Ahmad used to have domestic disputes due to the drug addiction and unemployment of Siraj Ahmad. Similarly in Monday night, Siraj and Naseem got into an argument due to not having something to eat at the house on which Siraj got angry and lost his nerves. With the alleged help of his mother Sarwar Mai and sister Shamoo Mai, Siraj killed her by hanging her to a ceiling fan and fled from the scene while the police have arrested him.

Siraj Hussain confessed to his crime during the investigation and told the media that his wife used to have fights with him.

SUICIDE: In Khan Bela, 35 years old Fazal Muhammad committed suicide in frustration due to domestic disputes by swallowing poisonous substance. He was unemployed due to which he often had arguments with his family members. Monday night, he had an argument with his wife and later locked himself in a room and committed suicide by drinking poison.

The family broke the door and saw him lying on the floor. They took him to hospital where he could not survive as the poison had spread throughout his body.