One should wonder why all of a sudden, so many pied pipers have appeared from no-where. One is holding a Freedom March, followed by an indefinite sit-in in Islamabad. The other is leading a Revolution March, also followed by a sit-in in the capital. If these marches alone were not sufficient, then another one jumps in to hold a Million March to show Pakistanis solidarity with Gaza. How come all these so-called leaders have chosen this time to distract and derail the whole system? Pakistan army is already engaged against a faceless enemy in tribal areas; despite full force attack, terrorist leadership has fled to safe havens while most of their foot soldiers have melted away in neighbouring areas.

We don’t see any long march or rallies in support of soldiers scarifying their lives in tribal areas and elsewhere. There are no long marches or rallies against attacks on religious and sectarian minorities, no protest against evil customs such as Swara or Vani (wherein young girls are married to opponents to settle tribal disputes), no rallies against under-age marriages, no long march in support of weak segments of society? Are we justified to assume that these pied pipers are just fooling the nation with hollow slogans, and the real purpose of these long marches and rallies is to distract the nation from eliminating the evil forces from tribal areas?


Saudi Arab, August 17.