The police have failed to trace the robbers involved in the biggest-ever bank robbery of Multan’s history so far as no outlaw could be arrested.

The dacoits had taken away about Rs15.8 million cash from a private bank in Shah Rukan-e-Alam Colony while two security guards lost their lives because of indiscriminate firing opened by the dacoits. Police suspected that the dacoits could be from any banned religious organisation. Police sources said that five to six dacoits riding two cars approached the bank in uniforms of security guards and opened indiscriminate firing right after entering the branch. Resultantly, two security guards namely Islam Uddin and Akhtar died on the spot while another sustained serious injuries.

The outlaws accomplished the robbery in two and a half minutes and fled away. One of the dacoits also got injured when a bank guard retaliated. The robbers took their injured accomplice back with them. The robbers left one of their cars at a little distance from the bank and fled. Although, CCTV cameras were installed at the bank, police sources said that no clear footage was available because of poor and outdated system. The search for the robbers is underway.