The Pakistan United Christian Movement said that the political leaders should handle the current political situation carefully through sensible decisions and giving the national interest top priority.

A David, the chairman of PUCM, a national-level forum of the Christian community in the country, said, “We must recognise that the actions we take today can become traditions that might haunt us in the future.” He was speaking to a group of journalists about the current political situation in the country. “We must ensure that Pakistan and millions of peaceful Pakistanis do not face the dreadful consequences that may arise as a result of the situation.”

“Being in the state of war against an enemy that is bent upon striking us at all fronts, may it be geographic, ideological or socio-economic”, David said, “we cannot afford any further division, we must stand together and join hands for a strong, united and prosperous Pakistan.”

The PUCM chairman also expressed concern over the reported victimisation and brutalities in Iraq. He demanded that the international community should immediately take action against the perpetrators. The PUCM chief announced the observance of August 24, 2014 as National Prayer Day to express solidarity with the victims.