Since this country came into being, its state of affairs, especially on political front, has never been stable. This unequivocally indicates the lust for power among the people who chose politics as their profession during the last six and a half decades. With their complete focus on how to grab power and money the politicians have remained oblivious to the diseases which have afflicted the population, in one way or another. The continued apathy towards deteriorating situation, whether in government or out of government, has let the diseases become a cancer.

In our country elections have never been honest and transparent; leaving room for the corrupt powerful to exploit the situation. The last elections were no exception, and were apparently rigged, But not long after the process of elections was over, talk of toppling the government started; under one theory or another. Certain players took leading roles to bring the saga to an end. Political turmoil has never allowed any government to set an agenda for the betterment of the state and its people. The last PPP government was lucky enough to have smooth sailing, as far as political opponents were concerned, but state judiciary’s over-reach provided the government an excuse for not functioning effectively.

The present government has been facing an un-certain situation, which has diverted its priorities (if there were any), from bringing relief to the common people to its own survival now. The war of two gladiators is being watched and enjoyed by well groomed spectators. The stage is set to welcome the newcomers, no matter how they come. Unfortunately, in the back-drop of this spectrum, the interest of common people is being compromised and has further weakened the foundations of the state.

In between skirmishes for power no one is giving heed to improve the lot of the common people, and as a result, the situation has reached to a point where collapse of almost all the state institutions, barring Army, is eminent. No one can predict with any clarity what will happen after Nawaz’s government topples.


Karachi, August 17.