Why is it so that our so-called Public Sector efficient functionaries come to the help of a victim only when a Chief Minister of a province, or a Chief Justice of Supreme/High Court, or a private T.V channel of the country takes notice of an ugly misdeed committed by the oppressor against the oppressed?

Why is it so that an S.H.O of a Police Station unwillingly comes to the help of an oppressed only when he is ordered from high-ups to catch the wrong-doers? Why is it so that a Medical Superintendent takes action against the negligent doctor only when electronic media report such case? Why is it so that the law enforcement agencies and the ruling parties take prompt action in maintaining law and order situation only when Supreme/High Court takes Suo Moto notice for the same?

When will our departments and their functionaries start functioning on the call of their conscience? There is a greater need that our public functionaries (both politicians and government officers/officials)start thinking seriously for providing justice to the aggrieved persons by following the law of the land.


Karachi, August 10.