As if motorists aren’t faced with enough problems when it comes to driving on the road, another issue which troubles them is the freely roaming cattle, which can often be seen not only in streets but even on main roads. A herd of cattle leisurely strolling along the road, indifferent to the nearby traffic and bringing it to a standstill is a common observation. Sometimes it comes out of the blue, right in the middle of the road, causing the moving cars to screech to a halt and bump into one another.

Moreover, the animals even show frenzied activity at times and get out of control. I have experienced this myself sometime back. The other day, I was passing through a street in my car when all of a sudden a herd of cows came running mindlessly from the opposite direction. They blocked the entire road not even giving me the chance to change my lane. I had no choice but to brake and watch their mad dash helplessly. They raced towards my car in such a crazed manner; I thought they would smash the windscreen and run straight through it. But thankfully they swerved and I was saved from a major accident.

The worst part is that there is no herdsman with this drove of cows and bulls who can shepherd them to the roadside so that they do not block the road, and control them when they get in a frenzy of excitement. It seems that they are just strays wandering on their own. However, the animals must not be left to meander around the streets and instead be kept in their cowsheds.


Karachi, August 10.