Islamabad - Ambassador of Argentina, Rodolfo Martin Saravia hosted a farewell reception at his embassy in the honour of four outgoing ambassadors, two heads of the UN missions and the chief of the World Bank.

Saravia, the dean of the diplomatic corps, organised the event to bid farewell to Ambassador of Italy Adriano Chiodi Ciafarani, Ambassador of Belgium Peter Claes, Ambassador of Egypt Said Hindam, Ambassador of Iraq Rushdie Mahmoud Rashid al-Ani, Country Head World Bank Rachid Benmessaoud, chief of mission International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Enrico Ponziani, and Country Director International Labour Organisation (ILO) Francesco D’ Ovidio. The reception was very well attended as it was the last meeting of the ambassadors to say goodbye to their colleagues.

The ambassador-designate of Spain, Carlos Morales said he would present his credentials to President Mamnoon Hussain on Friday.

Italian Ambassador Adriano Chiodi Ciafarani served more than three years in Islamabad and he has now been posted to Croatia. Adriano in his speech said that it is his privilege to have served in Islamabad.

He said he is busy to materialise the visit of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to Rome a few days before he leaves Islamabad. He said that he spent busy years in Pakistan, which made this experience unparalleled.

He added he could not travel extensively in Pakistan as he would have liked to, thus failing to enjoy at its fullest the hospitality and warmth of Pakistani people. He acknowledged the cooperation from the Pakistani Foreign Office, colleagues in the diplomatic and international community and from the dean. Ambassador of Belgium Peter Claes is going back to Brussels after completing his three years in Pakistan.

He was there with his charming wife Alexendra who is a Portuguese. Claes in his speech appreciated the hospitality of Pakistani people and the cooperation by the government and the Foreign Office during his stay in Islamabad. He said that he has become addicted of the VIP culture in Pakistan which he will never find anywhere. He also advised the ambassadors to travel by GT Road instead of using motorways, as the former is full of life and represents real culture and civilisation of Pakistan

Iraqi Ambassador Rushdie Mahmoud Rashid al-Ani has been posted to Saudi Arabia. He has been ill for the last few months. He appreciated the role of Pakistan against terrorism.

Ambassador of Egypt Said Hindam is also going to Cairo to serve in the foreign office for some time. It is on his credit that the president of Egypt visited Pakistan during his tenure which had been long awaited for the last four decades. The chief of World Bank Rachid Benmessaoud is from Morocco and he has been posted to Nigeria.

The dean of the diplomatic corps also highlighted the contribution of the four ambassadors, two heads of the UN missions and the chief of the World Bank. He appreciated the role of very distinguished outgoing ambassadors and other dignitaries. -The writer is a freelance contributor.