LAHORE: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Punjab Organizer Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has rejected the Election Commission’s decision of holding local bodies’ election in phases in Punjab and demanded that the election should be held using bio-metric system under the direct supervision of rangers.

He said the phase-wise local bodies election in Punjab was the starting point of immense rigging. He said the phase-wise elections should not be held in some districts of different divisions but in complete three divisions simultaneously.

He said that PTI would not let the rulers usurp all powers, which must be devolved to the local level. Chaudhry Sarwar said the local bodies elections could not be held in a transparent manner under the supervision of Punjab bureaucracy. He stressed that Rangers should be appointed in and outside the polling stations for holding transparent elections.

While addressing different delegations at his office on today, Chaudhry Sarwar, flanked by deputy organizer Sibtain Khan, said that the struggle of PTI had materialized and now there is hope of holding local bodies’ elections in Punjab. “Now”, he said, it is Election Commission’s responsibility to ensure that the elections are be held in a transparent manner.

He, however, said the phase-wise elections could not remain transparent. Even if the Election Commission wanted to hold elections in phases, PTI would never accept elections in some selected districts of different divisions as this would allow the incumbent rulers to rig the elections. He said the incumbent rulers’ past was vividly telling that they would never hold elections in a fair and transparent manner.

Sarwar said that PTI would launch door-to-door mass contact election campaign across the province and committed that he would himself visit each and every constituency to disseminate the message of party chairman Imran Khan. He said the respective districts and Tehsils organizers would also address public gatherings as now PTI has the power and will to resolve masses’ problems at their doorsteps.

Sarwar said the masses should repose their confidence in the PTI candidates as they would never be disappointed. He said incumbent rulers were not ready to devolve administrative and financial powers to local level and PTI was contesting this case against the PML-N for the cause of masses.