The sexual abuser who drove a 13-year-old boy to commit suicide will not be able to evade justice by bribing police officers, Bahawalpur’s commissioner said yesterday.

The victim, identified as Akram of Jhatta Bhatta Chak 2/P threw himself in front of a moving train on Sunday in despair after the police dismissed his abuse allegations and demanded a bribe to investigate.

The boy’s family was awarded Rs50,000 in compensation yesterday by Commissioner Bahawalpur Captain ( R) Saqib Zafar who pledged he would bring the perpetrator and the corrupt police office to justice.

Speaking to the bereaved parents at the family’s home after condoling their son’s death, Capt (r) saqib Zafar described the incident as heartrending.

Local MNA Sheikh Fayyazuddin said that Sub-Inspector Imtiaz has been sent to jail and that he would not rest until all the criminals are brought to the book.

On the other hand, RPO Bahawalpur Ehsan Sadiq said that he would expel ‘black sheep’ from the Police Department, assuring that Muhammad Akram would get justice.

The police have registered two separate cases against Sub-Inspector Imtiaz and the abuser while they have been put behind the bars.