Islamabad - The exposed live electric wires have become a serious threat for the residents of Jinnah Garden. These uncovered wires can be spotted in several streets of the area and can cause any tragedy, particularly during rains. Ulfat Begam, a resident, pointed out that electric wires covered with just solution tape are lying at the gates of several houses.

“The concerned authorities are fully aware of the situation but they are paying no heed to resolve this issue,” she said.

She stated that they had been living in Jinnah Garden for the last three years, but no one had ever bothered to remove or repair these wires.

The management of Federal Employees Cooperative Housing Society (FECHS) is running the affairs of the area but residents said they are paying no attention to public demands to rectify the problem and save them from any unpleasant incident.

“People are prone to electrocution in view of these exposed electric wires. We have lodged several complaints with the office-bearers of the society but so far all our complaints have turned into disappointment,” another resident Shakeel Ahmed, said.

“It seems that the concerned authorities are in deep slumber and are waiting for a tragedy to strike,” he added.

It’s worth mentioning here that transformers and BDs had been installed in a large area of the garden for the last several months but the society is taking no steps to make the underground power supply system functional.

Residents also said that due to outdated wires frequent power failures in the area are a routine matter. Sometimes the voltage goes so high that TV sets, refrigerators and water dispensers of several residents develop faults.

Residents also said that cattle of nearby villages keep on roaming in Jinnah Garden and recently a buffalo and cow were electrocuted, besides a man suffered serious electric shock while trying to cross a road. It was also examined that live wires were not the only problem being faced by the hapless residents of Jinnah Garden.

Non-availability of water, poor sewerage and drainage system, improper cleanliness system and poor security system are among other major issues. Residents of street No 53 and street No 54 said that they are arranging water for their homes through water tankers. “The society is bound to provide all the basic facilities such as water, electricity and gas before giving the possession of plots. But we have been living here for the past five years and continuously facing water scarcity problem. We order water tankers at exorbitant prices to meet our needs,” Rizwana, a resident of street no 54 said.

The society has also failed to install gas pipeline to a large area and residents use cylinders. Residents say the supervisor appointed by the society for listening people’s problems pay no heed to their complaints rather he insults them and threatens them of dire consequences. “Actually; he does all this at the behest of the society,” Shahid Hakim, a resident said.Residents have demanded of the society high-ups to address their problems at the earliest.

When contacted Secretary FECHS Atta-ur-Rehman said that the management was well aware of the problems being faced by residents and is trying its best to resolve them. He said that the society was in talks with WAPDA and the issue of uncovered wires would be resolved within two months. He also did not agree that people were facing water shortage or gas was not provided to a large number of residents.