LAHORE: Disgraced Pakistan player Muhammad Asif today vowed to change public opinion with his performance.

Asif is free to play again from September 2 after the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced he had completed his punishment for his part in a 2010 spot-fixing scandal in England.

Asif, new ball partner Muhammad Amir and former captain Salman Butt were banned from all forms of the game for arranging deliberate no-balls during the Lord’s Test against England in 2010 in return for money in a deal with an undercover tabloid reporter.

The ICC relaxed the ban on Amir earlier in the year, allowing him to play domestic matches, and said Wednesday Butt and Asif would be eligible from next month.

“Let the fans show their anger,” he said.

“I committed a mistake, for which I have asked for forgiveness from Allah almighty and have also said sorry to the nation, so I am ready to face any more anger and I am sure my deeds and my bowling will change views about me.”