LAHORE - At least 1300 people lost their lives and 3500 sustained injuries besides damages to property and infrastructure in terrorists’ attacks across Punjab during 2003 to 2015.

As per data collected by The Nation, 2009 would be remembered as the worst year with 19 terror attacks in different cities of the province. Around 300 people died and 900 injured in 2009. Year 2006 remained most peaceful as no terror blast occurred in the whole year.

Similarly, 2003, 2005, 2012 and 2013 remained comparatively calm with only single attack of terrorism each in a year. However, 15 people died and 46 sustained injuries in a second assassination attempt on Pervez Musharraf at Jhana Chichi Rawalpindi on December 25, 2003.

The terrorists hit 12 spots, killing 286 people and injuring 710 in 2008. More than 150 innocent people died in 10 blasts in 2007.

Around 50 people including the Punjab home minister lost their lives in six terrorism-related incidents so far in 2015. Three incidents occurred only in Lahore while one each in Rawalpindi, Sargodha and Attock.

Youhanaabad and Attock blasts are the most horrible incidents so far in 2015 in which total 40 innocents lost their lives.

In 2014, the terrorists hit Royal Artillery Bazaar Rawalpindi on January 20, Khanewal Town on February 7, Fatehjang Rawalpindi on June 4 and Wagha on November 2 where more than 60 people including Rangers officials lost their lives when a suicide bomber blew himself up at check-post around 500 yards away from the international Pak-India Border. Total 83 people died and 200 injured in the four blasts in 2014.

Five people died in a terror attack at Gracy Line Rawalpindi on December 17, 2013. Two security officials lost their lives when the terrorists attacked Minhas PAF Base in Kamra Attock on August 16, 2012. Nine terrorists involved in the attack were also killed.

In 2011, more than 60 people died in three terror incidents occurred on January 25 at Urdu Bazaar Lahore, April 3 in DG Khan and June 13 in Islamabad. At least 41 persons were killed and more than 100 injured when two suicide bombers below themselves up outside the shrine of Sufi Saint Sakhi Sarwar in DG Khan.

At least 260 people died in six terror incidents in 2010. The terrorists hit five times in the year on March 8, March 12, May 28 and September 1 while one attack was occurred in Sargodha on July 18. More than 60 people including eight soldiers died in twin suicide blasts at RA Bazaar on March 12 and at least 95 worshippers were killed and 92 others injured when three suicide bombers attacked Ahmadiyya place of worship in Model Town and Garhi Shahu areas on May 28. The blast at Data Gunj Baksh took lives of at least 43 persons on July 1 and 43 died in an attack at Karbla Gamay Shah on September 1 in the same year.

In 2009, at least 33 people lost their lives when the terrorists hit Shia crowd outside an Imambargah in DG Khan on February 5, 15 died in Pirwadhai Rawalpindi attack on March 16, 25 died in Chakwal Imambargah attack on April 4, 28 killed in May 27’s attack on CCPO and ISI offices at Lahore, 36 persons including two women and children died in November 2 attack on Babu Sabu Police check-post, 47 people died and 100 other got injuries in a bomb blast at crowded Moon Market Allama Iqbal Town Lahore on December 7 and at least 34 people died when a car bomb exploded outside Zulfiqar Khan Khosa house in DG Khan on December 15.

At least 286 people died in 12 terror attacks during 2008. The terrorists hit Lahore on January 1, NLC GHQ Rawalpindi on February 4, Rawalpindi armed bus on February 25, Pakistan Navy War College Lahore on March 4, FIA headquarter on March 11, Danish embassy on June 2, Melody Market Islamabad on July 6, Allama Iqbal Town on August 13, Wah Cantt on August 21, Marriott Hotel on September 20, Bhakkar on October 6 and Police Lines Islamabad on October 9. More than 72 people were killed in Wah Cantt when two suicide bombers below themselves at the gates of Pakistan Ordnance Factories and another 61 killed in Marriott Hotel explosive truck attack. At least 31 people lost their lives in a suicide blast at FIA headquarter.

At least 153 people were killed and more than 400 others injured in 10 terrorists attack during 2007. The terrorists hit Hotel Marriott Islamabad on January 26, Islamabad Airport on February 6, lawyers’ rally in Islamabad on July 17, a restaurant in Islamabad on July 27, RA Bazaar Rawalpindi on September 4, Rawalpindi Cantonment area on October 30, Faisalabad Road Sargodha on November 24, Kamra on December 10 and Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi on December 27. At least 32 people including PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto were killed in Liaqat Bagh tragic incident.

At least 25 people including a suspected suicide bomber were killed in a terror attack at Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad on May 27, 2005.

In 2004, more than 46 people died in four different terror attacks in Satellite Town Rawalpindi, Jaffar Village Attock, Sialkot and Mochi Gate Lahore on February 28, July 30, October 1 and October 10 respectively. At least 32 people were killed and 75 others injured in Shia Mosque Sialkot attack.