MNA Dadu, Mr Refigure Ahmed Jamali in a press statement has warned a Polish company, to provide jobs and basic facilities to the people otherwise he would take up the issue in parliament. Bravo and kudos to our elected MNA who has woken up after eight long years and found out that the rights of locals are being usurped.

The Polish company is exploring and extracting Natural Gas from Khirthar mountainous range of Taluka Johi District Dadu. Locals belonging to peaceful and marginalized Rustmani caste said they were up in protest against the same for last eight years and also urged the MNA to help them in redressing their assorted grievances against the company. But they alleged that powerful Jamali tribe and some other close political associates of ruling party grabbed jobs and were paid in land, soil filling and water. The aggrieved Rustmani complained that as MNA was fully backing his men who don’t have lands in company area in the comparison of those who were living for hundreds of years here. The company paid no heed to our legitimate demands and even bullies from Jamali tribe came to threaten our people to leave their lands. At this stage Rustmani Tribe approached Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind from Balochistan and narrated their sorry state of affairs. The Sardar sent his son with his men and a long sit in was arranged on the road leading to the company. Government used all its tactics but to no avail and at the end of the day company recognized the right of the Rustmani tribe and an agreement was signed in which the indigenous people have to be paid for their soil and drinking water would be taken from these locals. The local are surprised at the above statement of the MNA and consider it skin to sabotaging their agreement with the company. They say when company kept them deprived for last eight years honorable MNA remained mum and when we after long struggle are about to get our rights he has threatening the company of protest. When I visited the area where company is extracting gas and exploring further potential, the local Rustmani said that they are sorry that despite being PPP voters, our MNA is standing with our oppressors.


Johi, August 10.