KASUR - The child abuse scandal yesterday took a new turn when some of the victims were identified as perpetrators in the case. The police detained the ‘erstwhile victims’ upon receiving video evidence on Wednesday. The police claimed that it had received two videos, showing two victims as abusers.

The police registered two cases.

The victim families have been protesting against the police for siding with the accused and had even threatened to start a long march. On the other hand, the Judicial Investigation Team (JIT) continued inquiry into the scandal. On Wednesday, the JIT recorded statements of former Nazims of the area, though the victim families have announced boycott of the investigation. The police also launched a crackdown for the arrest people who have been provoking people to protest.

Meanwhile, a police-post has been established in Hussain Khanwala to arrest of the fugitives in the case and ensure law and order.

The villagers, however, cast doubts on the police intention, fearing that the police-post has been set up to suppress the victim families.