LAHORE - The Punjab government was yesterday ordered to explain why it is allowing the sale of adulterated milk.

The Lahore High Court heard that packet milk on sale throughout the province is contaminated with cow urine, hair removing lotion and other harmful.

A two judge bench ordered the provincial government and the Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) to explain the prevalence of contaminated milk following a report which detailed the scale of adulteration and listed alarming ingredients discovered in samples.

University of Veterinary and Animals Sciences recently presented a research according to which 665 milk adulterant tests from 41 samples (10 of 100 SE Milk, 28 packed milk and three powder milk samples) were conducted . The report showed that water in two out of 10 loose milk samples and 22 out of 28 packed sample, carbonate was found in two samples of loose milk and one in packed milk samples.

Report further stated that sugar was not detected in loose milk while it was detected in seven packed milk samples while quaternary ammonium compounds were found in two samples each of both loose and packed milk. The research said that AFLATOXIN MI was found in two out of three commercial powder milk samples and also in two out of 10 loose samples which was dangerous to health.

Dr Muhammad Yaqoob of Watan Party had filed the petition and submitted that milk is an essential food intergradient for the growth of children and adults and it provides calcium for the growth of bones while without necessary intake of calcium human bones become weak and easily breakable.

The petitioner quoted the above said report by University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS). He stated that the consumers were paying heavy prices against adulterated milk.

He prayed to the court to direct government and authorities concerned to take efficient measures to stop sale of adulterated milk sale to the public at large. The court will resume hearing after two weeks.