Islamabad - Islamabad police have arrested 10 outlaws, including five gamblers from various areas of the city and recovered wine, weapons, stake money and gambling tools from their possession, a police spokesman said on Friday.

According to details, Tarnol police apprehended an accused Saeed and recovered stolen car (LEB-6280) along with bogus registration book from him. Secretariat police arrested Aqib Javed involved in decanting gas in cylinders illegally while Industrial-Area police arrested two bootleggers Rafaqat and Shahzad Nawaz over possessing two wine bottles from their possession.

CIA police recovered one 30-bore pistol along with ammunition from an accused Zakir Khan. 

On a tip off, Noon police raided a gambling den in Dhok Malyaran and apprehended five gamblers namely Shawer Khan, Tariq, Tanvir Shahzad, Bilal Ayub and Mian Ahmed. Police recovered stake money Rs5,900 and gambling tools from their possession.  Cases have been registered against them and further investigation is underway.