ISLAMABAD - The NADRA informed the Supreme Court that 14,048 out of total 19,028 ballots could not be processed through Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) because of insufficient quality of fingerprints for the purpose of automated fingerprint comparison.

However, the NADRA report of 26 polling stations of NA-110 Sialkot, submitted in the top court on Friday, said that CNIC number mentioned on such counterfoils having poor quality thumb impression were valid CNICs.

Incumbent Defence Minister Khawaja Asif had won general elections 2013 from this constituency. The PTI candidate Usman Dar had challenged PML-N leader’s victory in the Election Tribunal, which also declared Kh Asif winner. Not satisfied with the Tribunal’s order Usman Dar filed an appeal in the apex court.

A three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali, on July 2 after hearing the case, had ordered NADRA to submit the forensic report of 26 polling stations.

The NADRA report said that remaining 4,965 ballots were authenticated by AFIS. This means that fingerprint affixed on counterfoil at the time of issuance of ballot paper correctly matched with fingerprint data of registered voter/citizens held by NADRA in Citizen Database. About 293 votes were authenticated through the Voter Serial Number mentioned on the counterfoils.

There were 502 ballots did not qualify for fingerprints matching due to numerous reasons. There were 298 used counterfoils where identity of voter could not be established being invalid CNIC number mentioned on the counterfoil. There were 31 used counterfoils which do not have CNIC number mentioned. There were seven used counterfoils belonging to voters, which were not registered in NA-110. There were 46 CNIC numbers mentioned on 23 counterfoils being more than once. 120 used counterfoils were found without having fingerprints on them.

The NA-110 (Sialkot) constituency was one of the four constituencies for which the PTI had sought vote audit and re-election through election petitions. The other constituencies were NA-125 (Lahore), NA-122 (Lahore), and NA-154 (Lodhran).