LAHORE-15 students of Fashion Design Department of Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design displayed their research work through an exhibition titled ‘Design and research-an inquiry into Fashion as Space, Body and Habits.’

For this exhibition a two week design workshop was offered to the VII semester students. A detailed process was adopted for shortlisting students. Each student was required to submit his/her portfolio. After the screening of all portfolios, 15 students were shortlisted. MsAnkeGrundel and Mr Ammar Belal, faculty of Parsons, The New School of Design (New York) were the facilitator of the workshop.

The workshop focused on developing research methodology in context to fashion. It also aimed to investigate personal habits and routines in order to develop a sense of discovery through Design Research and development. Student’s emphasis was on the journey of the design process. It enhanced the understanding of different research methods. Students visited different libraries for research work according to their topics. 

“Having been part of this initiative for the second year, I can see that PIFD students come with a tremendous amount of raw creativity.  They are excited to explore the various social, cultural, and individual dimensions of their own fashion context.  In this year’s workshop, many have opened up fashion as a communicative category in innovative ways, creating their own visual and material vocabulary. While they have faced the challenge of learning a new design process within the short time of two weeks, they have remained inquisitive and introspective throughout.  Some have embarked on a personal journey which led them to discover more about who they are and how they see themselves as designers.  Others have produced social commentary through the language of fashion, not shying away from asking difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions.  After two intense weeks for everybody, all of them have come out with a strong design identity,” said MsAnke Grundel.

Speaking about the exhibition Prof. HinaTayyaba Vice Chancellor of PIFD said, “PIFD has a very strong link with foreign universities. We have been practicing this effort every year that different trainers come here and teach students.”  The first workshop in collaboration with Parson’s, the News School of Design took place in 2015 and this is the second workshop held in 2016. It is a very intensive research project and participants of this workshop will be encouraged to apply for Master’s degree programme at Parsons, The New School of Design in New York.