KAMALIA- The housing schemes and slum areas here lack basic facilities such as educational institutes, dispensaries, parks, playgrounds and sewerage system.

The government announced 5-marla schemes and allotted plots to the people to build houses but these areas have been deprived of development. Sewerage accumulates on the unpaved roads and causes health hazards. As there is no school in these areas, the people have to send their male kids to work at tea shops and auto workshops and girls to work at the haves’ homes.

Jinah Abad was established in Nawaz Sharif’s last government and 7-marla plots were distributed but this scheme has also been excluded from development work. The basic facilities are missing there too.

Criminals have set up their hideouts in these slums and are exposing youth of the area to drugs and crimes. Social circles, citizens and residents of these areas have called upon the Punjab government to solve their problems.