KASUR-People living in Kasur city and surroundings find it difficult to come out of their houses for shopping and other routine works due to rising number of stray dogs.

The report of a survey conducted by The Nation reveals that packs of stray dogs are seen roaming on the roads abutting houses and public places. They roam freely in the residential and commercial areas of the district and do not hesitate to attack people. During the survey, the correspondent approached residents of several localities who told him that women, children and senior citizens are worst victim of the stray dogs' abundance.

"They have confined themselves to the houses as they cannot respond to dogs' attacks or bites," they said.

They added that packs of stray dogs are not only a hurdle in women's way to shopping but also a problem for senior citizens, visiting mosques five times a day for prayers.

People including Anwar, Aslam, Pervaiz and others demanded the administration take effective steps for culling of stray dogs.

SALE OF UNHYGIENIC SWEETS PEAKS UP: Sale of unhygienic sweets at its peak across the district allegedly due to negligence of the officials of District Food Authority, The Nation has learnt.

A survey report reveals that unhygienic sweets are being sold in several areas of Kasur district. The areas include: Naya Bazaar, Kot Usman Khan, Steel Bagh Chowk, Shehbaz Khan Road, Baldia Chowk, Kot Haleem Khan and Jamaatpura.

Talking to The Nation, residents of these areas said that confectioners are playing havoc with the public health. They said that sweets are made with rotten eggs and substandard oil which, they added, are injurious for human health. They regretted that confectioners, in their craze for earning money, neglect hygienic conditions in sweets' making.

They added that many famous brands of sweets are involved in sale of unhygienic sweets. "Many incidents have been reported in the district when people were hospitalised after consuming such sweets," they informed.

They demanded the District Food Authority take notice of the situation and launched a vigorous crackdown on the confectioners playing havoc with the public health.