Today, Muslims are disintegrated around the world, not due to entire involvement of western world rather than their own internal division. Presently, Muslim world leadership particularly represented by Saudi Arabia and Iran have kept their political interests above the religious unity of Muslim World. These vested interests provide disastrous loses to Muslim world on various grounds, such as: more sectarian division between Muslims, making ISIS even stronger, hopelessness for resolving Palestine and Kashmir dispute, increasing influence of USA and Russia in the Muslim region and declining economy of the Muslims. 

Needless to say, Muslim world is responsible for this. It is not USA who asks us to divide on sectarian grounds at the point of killing one another. It is not west who tells us to enjoy absolute powers and loot public wealth in the name of democracy. It is not Europe who stops us to not send their girls to schools, kill the women in name of honour, make class division in shape of separate schools, colleges and hospitals different for the different classes, acquire bribery from the back doors, do not pay taxes to state, make luxurious lives, violate traffic laws and not make research in fields of science and technology. In the hand, call it cruelty of non-believers. 

I shall say it, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones on others. To overcome Muslim problems every state and individual of Muslim world has to play its constructive and positive role because charity begins at home. 


Shikarpur, August 4.