There has been a reason why young blood is always regarded by governments.

Talent is no more respected in this area but this does not mean that Pakistan has failed to recognize the importance of young blood but it is because of the capitalist system that has clenched the existence of the poor country.

What can help Pakistan restore its glory and make it prosperous again? It takes immense effort to nourish raw talent and mould it into a productive human being. Every young individual is a gift to the nation and this nation collectively has invested a lot in it.

So why does this nation receives distress in return? Why does this nation rely on foreign aid and assistance, when it has hard-working individuals? Young men and women face difficulties in practical life once they end up their studies. This is not because they lack talent or they are not hardworking. This is because the capitalist structure fails to value their talent and then this talent gets wasted and these students go astray; enter the company of drugs such as alcohol, quit life or they leave Pakistan and serve foreign countries.

The country has failed to place the element of patriotism amongst the young generation. Germany and Japan were destroyed during the world wars. These nations had nothing to offer to the youth. The world outside was filled with temptations, better chances but their love towards their country prevented these adolescents to leave their country. Adolescents of Pakistan have no love for the country because they no more trust the corrupt system of the country and they see their future in the west to be bright and convincing. They have grown selfish and as a result outflow of talent from the country is ensured.

The young are supposed to realise that Pakistan needs them. We together are a united nation and the young generation is our backbone. Personal benefits must be kept aside. Together we must all work to improve Pakistan. There must be a revolution of talent against the warriors of corruption and distress. Doctors should work on low pays to produce a healthy nation. Farmers should put in their efforts to feed the nation, engineers should work to improve the infrastructure, entrepreneurs should work to provide the nation with a better lifestyle. Civil servants must the serve the nation and politician should lead the nation. The youth should contribute to the nourishment of this country.

Together if we play our part Pakistan can become a lot better place. The country awaits the revolution of young blood.