Rabtt's 7th Annual Showcase took place at Alhamra Arts Council on Saturday, the 19th of August, 2017. The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and was followed by recitation from the Bible. Performances were put on by the different schools which Rabtt held summer camps in this year. The children from Pak Pioneers High School, Aabroo Welfare Trust High School and Sanjan Nagar Trust High School participated with great enthusiasm. Putting on plays they had written and worked on with our Rabtt fellows over the summer.

The plays ranged from serious to humorous. Pak Pioneers School in their play titled ‘Women Empowerment’, highlighted the issue of daughters being treated unfairly. The performance ended with a monologue, encouraging people to not only let women make their own decisions but also support them.

While Aabroo Welfare Trust High School students performed a hilarious play titled ‘Chashmish Kahani’ which was a story being played out in an author’s imagination as he penned down his thoughts. The play ended to much applause and laughter.

The children displayed their oratory skills with debates on pertinent topics such as climate change and the importance of journalists and journalism. The event also featured videos and games the children had made on computers with the help of the Project 50 Kids Team.

Our chief guest Mr Kamran Lashari was very impressed with the caliber of performances! He mentioned in his speech that he had high hopes for Rabtt’s scholars since after seeing their stellar performances on stage, he had no doubts that the scholars would achieve great things in their lives with the new found self-confidence Rabtt brought out in them.

The hall outside the auditorium hosted Rabtt’s Art Exhibition. The art on display were all the projects that the scholars had spent all summer working on. Professors from various art universities came and admired the children's art and creativity!

Our special guest, distinguished in the field of theater and arts, Mr Urooj Samdhani, Head of Department at BNU, also loved the performances and commended Rabtt on its efforts!

The event ended with a few words from the Managing Director of Rabtt, Daniyal Ahmed encouraging everyone to keep exploring and learning since learning is a lifelong process!