Former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in a press conference on Sunday said he resigned from the ministry over a “difference of opinion”, reported Waqt News.

“I am grateful to Nawaz Sharif and Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi or trying to convince me not to resign till the very last moment,” he told reporters at the Punjab House.

Dismissing rumours that he won’t be leaving politics, Nisar said that he speaks his mind in party meetings of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.

“There are issues within the party. Those who leak what I've said in meetings are dishonest, in my opinion. I didn't leak anything I said in the meetings,” he added.

Commenting on the Dawn Leaks controversy, he said the decision to initiate the inquiry was taken by the government and it is the government’s responsibility to make the report public.

Pakistan. He said, is one of the few countries where the trend of terrorism has significantly reduced, adding that today the country has no terrorist network.

“A major change has come in the country…in 2013, everyday there used to be three to four attacks,” he said.

Nisar said that despite facing pressure, he cancelled Pakistani passports of 32,000 foreigners, cancelled more than 0.2 million prohibited bore licenses and cancelled CNICs of various individuals as part of fight against terrorism.

He complained that the interior ministry would be held responsible for anything that would happen in the country, including any security situation in the provinces, while everyone was ready to get credit in case of a positive event.

The former minister said that he always tried to take along all the stakeholders, adding that he will not praise himself or take any extra credit.

The interior ministry itself doesn’t have any executive authority, he said, adding that law enforcement is the sole responsibility of the provinces.

“Whenever any incident took place the blame would be put on the interior ministry, I tolerated in silence,” said Nisar.