Rawalpindi - Scores of sanitary workers on Saturday staged a protest to condemn the armed attacks on their colleagues employed with Turkish Albayrak Waste Management Company.

The protest, led by Municipal Workers League (CBA) Rawalpindi President Haji Farooq Ahmed Khan, was held outside Rawalpindi Press Club.

According to details, a large number of sanitary workers gathered outside RIC and protested against the killing of two of their colleagues Asher Asif and Karamat Maseh employed with Turkish Albayrak Waste Management Company who were gunned down by unknown assailants on Murree Road in June 2017 and in Sadiqabad on Friday last respectively.

They demanded the Inspector General of Police Punjab, Regional Police Officer, and City Police Officer for apprehending killers of the innocent sanitary workers immediately.

They demanded the government to provide security to the sanitary workers. CBA Rawalpindi President Haji Farooq Ahmed Khan vehemently denounced the armed attacks on poor sanitary workers of Albayrak in the city and demanded the government and law enforcement agencies to provide adequate security to the workers at work places.

He said so far two poor workers have been killed by unknown terrorists while police have failed to arrest the culprits. “This created a sense of insecurity among the workers,” Haji Farooq said.

He demanded the government to allow the sanitary workers to wear private dresses instead of uniforms during the work, as wearing uniform makes them a soft target.

“The government should also end duty of the sanitary workers early in the morning,” he said. He said the Punjab government should compensate the families of the victims and give jobs to their sons.

He added that all the sanitary workers have decided to pay their one-day salary to the widow of Karamat Maseh, who was gunned down on Data Ganj Baksh Road at Sadiqabad.