The world had plunged into a war-torn chaos during World War-I and World War-II. The World War-II soon left its devouring, tantalizing and destructive shadows on the world structure and its peaceful atmosphere. These despicable wars, among the world powerful nations, proved grave social, economic and environmental consequences in the world. Finally after such prolonged, venomous and lethal conflicts, the United Nations Organisation was established to prevent wars and conflicts. Since its inception, 71 operations have been initiated by the UN several organisations; including peacekeeping plan. 

However, peacekeeping organisation not only consists of military strategy but also civilians taking part in it. There are 9,787 civilian police men, 1,821 UN military personnel, 82,580 troops, 4,787 international and 974 local civilians and 1,470 UN volunteers. Such brave men and women security personnel are really working hard to maintain the peaceful atmosphere of the world, as their own lives are at risk. 

Additionally, Pakistan is the third largest contributor with 7.28 percent to the US total peacekeeping force. But despite this, the international media is time and again highlighting Pakistan’s inappropriate posture in this regard. Nevertheless, the role of UN peacekeeping force has successfully got many achievements in securing humanity and world from disastrous, appalling and horrific consequences of wars and conflicts. 


Shikarpur, August 6.