'Lucky' mother

Whose son is in heaven

As a result of blast number seven

Claimed by a Muslim

Which makes it grim


The patriot thus spoke;

"O thankless mother, Take some solace

He is in a much better place

Wasn't this always your dream?

On the TV his dead body be seen

Our country needs such sacrifices

Keep on dying as it never suffices

Against us the whole world conspires

Counting the dead, we never tire

It's a small price to pay

For in this land of peace to stay

See how peaceful he looks

Be remembered in text books"


Heartbroken mother sighed

Gathered courage & slowly replied,

"But I wanted him to stay

For his life i did always pray

I didn't raise him for such glory

Yet you are not sorry

Bring him back or

Face the God's wrath

Which game is being played?

If sons keep getting slayed

You say we have enough chests

How can we ever pass your tests?

If everyone keeps on dying

For who is the country worth enjoying?"