LAHORE - High prices of sacrificial animals have irked the citizens.

Traders in Shahpur Kanjra Cattle Market and other six cattle markets set up by the Metropolitan Corporation of Lahore and District Administration have refused to lower the prices. The price of ‘brand goat’ as referred in the cattle markets vary from Rs50,000 to Rs75,000 at the moment in all cattle markets but a normal goat’s price starts from Rs25,000 and reaches up to Rs45,000.

On the other hand sale of buntings, garlands, steal rings for cows, camels and goats is on the rise.

People in Shahpur Kanjra cattle market were seen bargaining with vendors to buy the accessories for sacrificial animals today. According to traders, citizens earn profit around the year but goat traders earn money for three days only.

Afzal, a trader from Sheikhupura, complained about unavailability of water at the Shahpur Kanjra cattle market and urged competent authorities to resolve the issue.

Asif, a resident of Samanabad, said instead of going to the cattle market he would prefer to buy a pair of goats from the makeshift cattle markets in Samanabad.

There are dozens of makeshift cattle markets where traders have put their sacrificial animals on display for potential customers. Although, the district administration has imposed Section 144 to counter establishment of illegal cattle markets, but to no avail. There are dozens of temporary cattle markets present in the city.

Fahad, a resident of Model Town, said that traders have been wandering on the city streets to sell their sacrificial animals on high prices. Cows and camels are available from Rs70,000 to Rs12,500 in cattle markets.